Is life all about coffee?

The answer,of course, is ‘No’, but it’s sometimes a great incentive!

Today’s cup went down quickly. Smooth and mild. This one is new to me.

The first cup is always the ‘sweetest’ and today was no exception. Time for another, I think …


Quietly does it!

It’s hard to find peace and quiet in our house. There is often clamour from all corners, but that’s just part of life, isn’t it?

Sometimes I retreat to the garden for a cup of coffee, and this summer has been helpfully warm and sunny. It’s been good to watch the plants come and go, and, now that we’ve had rain and it’s a little cooler, see some revive that we thought were gone for ever.

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One cup of black coffee….

….. may LOOK like any other cup of black coffee ……. but trust me! They don’t all TASTE the same!Today’s coffee is Mzuzu from Malawi. Delicious. Perfect for a quiet few minutes with my crochet!


Writing a shopping list is not my most favourite way of spending time, but this one isn’t for me.

While I wrote it I put a few more loops into the Spirit of Spring blanket which has so far remained a secret.

Just what would hubby like to prepare for himself this weekend? I won’t need anything as I’m away with daughter and granddaughter! Just the three of us for a few laughs and giggles.

While I continue to think about it I’ll just drink my new to me coffee!

A day off

I’m looking forward to a day with the family tomorrow. It will be hectic, so I’m making the most of a little peace and quiet this morning before the preparations begin

Inner food

Today I’m feeding myself with the Book of Mark. I love this book because it shows that His message is open to all, whatever nationality or religion.

Coffee too, of course.