Where did that day go?

The problem with Bank Holiday weekends is that somehow a day goes missing! I woke this morning thinking that it was Sunday……

….. Only to find out it’s Monday! 😀

So, what did I get up to yesterday? Did I find my little bit of peace and quiet? Well, yes, I did, but not until late in the evening.


I continued with my crochet, just relaxing and taking my time. I don’t think I’ll have any chance to do any today.

As for today! Well, I did actually intend to do some gardening – but ……


it rained! Instead I’m just taking it easy and planning the rest of my week.

Aah! That’s better

Somehow my day isn’t complete if I haven’t done something creative. That doesn’t mean that I have to complete my Life’s Work! It jusst means that I do something! Often something will end up in a journal like this. I call them my ‘Collective Hotchpotch’ Journals – no theme, and permission to do anything in or with them. I have quite a few – this is my current one. I’ve been doing it for some time – and in fact 6th September brings me to the end of anothere 100 days of daily ‘doing! I often give reference to my daily ‘doing’ over here.

It can be very relaxing to create when there is no pressure or deadline, and sometimes losing myself in something like this is the perfect revelation of peace and solitude. Let’s face it, you are never alone when you have a paintbrush in hand 😉


Time to relax

It’s been a hectic week. Lots of business to attend to. All done now, and the prospect of a quiet Bank Holiday weekend ahead. Now, it’s time for some crochet. The secret blanket is progressing well…… It isn’t half finished yet, so there is still a lot to do!

Rachel's Blanket five eigths of the first half

A joy


Even though the sun is almost invisible


Even though there is still evidence of yesterday’s rain!


It’s still a joy to be out in the garden and enjoy the peace and tranquility it gives.


The object was to share these with a friend, however, her visit has had to be cancelled

I think it means ‘win/win’ fore, though. I can indulge in one today and the second tomorrow 😆

Over and Done 

Hectic is not the word to describe today. I honestly don’t know how I will fit it all in! It is also very wet, and many of my tasks involve ‘outside’. I need my peace and solitude, though, so I took it with my coffee 


Just watching…

The bees were busy today. The Sedum is just starting to break into colour – and they are loving it. The bees were busy – but I just sat and watched!