No picture!

This is an old picture. You have seen it before.


Today is a really busy day. You may have read that we had a water leak. I had to move an inordinate number of things so that they weren’t damaged. They are still where I put them – the plumber has still not fully completed the repair.

Most of the bits were crammed (I do mean crammed) into the ‘office’.

Today I have to empty the office so that the telephone engineer can come to repair the phone line! Our internet has been playing up for months. Our provider has done everything to make it good – but ultimately the fault lies with the phone company who have been dragging their heels.

Today I’m making the most of my coffee, because once it is all cleared and the job complete – it will have to all be crammed back!

…… until the plumber comes, that is!

Counting colours 

Much more interesting than counting calories!

I took my coffee to the secret garden today, to see if the trees are changing colour. Only one so far

This is an old crab apple tree. No fruit this year, maybe next. Difficult to photograph against the bright glare of the sky.


The worst part about the internet is that it sometimes goes wrong! I’m sure that cable never goes wrong – but we can’t have cable here due to ancient covenants. Over recent months we have gone through times of great frustration when the signal drops every minute or two.

That has been the case over the last few days. Very UnFun, and not really conducive to ‘peace’. A few naughty words were bandied about – not by me, of course! After a few phonecalls to some very helpful service staff I am assured that all will be well later in the week, when we have an engineer coming to fix everything. Our wiring is Ancient! We still have overhead cables. The latter won’t change – by maybe something will be renewed. If I’m a little erratic in my appearance in the meantime you will understand!

Another UnFun occupation is weaving in crochet ends! However, there is great satisfaction in seeing them disappear and a perfect(ish) edge appear instead. Interestingly enough, this is an ideal way to spend some time in peace and quiet.  I think I’ll do some more later. 🙂

The Best..

In the midst of disasters and more……

….. there is nothing like cupping your hands around a cup of hot black coffee.

Ahh! Yes, that’s much better.

Now it’s back to the plumbing problems!

Killing two birds 

I do something creative each day. My time is precious and very limited, but there are many things that can be done in just a few moments.

Sometimes I have to combine my moments of solitude with those of creativity. If these moments are short I find regular contemplative tasks are good. Something like this colour study.

Maybe this isn’t one of the better ones, buyI have set myself the task of doing one a day this month. I work with colour a lot, but already I have learnt a lot with just this simple task. Above is today’s- I’m collecting them all here.