This weekend will see me heading south. Not far south, but south all the same. 

I’m travelling with our daughter – just the two of us – for what might be described as a girly weekend.  

No raucous behaviour, though. We are off to recharge our batteries. Reading God’s Word, a little crochet and chatter and indulging in the sights. 

This is already in a bag, and I may even manage to get half way. YouVersion on the phone and iPad is useful. It means that the bible is always to hand. 

There won’t be Internet while we are away, but I’ll fill you in when I’m home. 

An empty cup

I can’t drink coffee at the moment. My tipple of choice is hot water. It won’t last, hopefully all will be back to normal before the weekend. I don’t actually mind. I rather like drinking boiled but slightly cooled water. It’s strangely comforting in times of stress. 

Not much stress really, but we have had builders here for several days and this has interrupted my planned activities. They are away now for several days while a delivery is awaited. 

This too has helped to alleviate any stress